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the dark shadows under derek’s eyes from searching for stiles for two days straight

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They deserve the break anyway…

For the wonderful Madi 

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❝ You take the things you love 
and tear them apart,
or you pin them down with your body 
and pretend they’re yours. ❞
—— Richard Siken

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Bby Derek getting glomped by Bby Stiles!


Bby Derek getting glomped by Bby Stiles!


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gym, tan, lycanthropy – teen wolf meets the jersey shore

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Hello friends! Fellow fans! People from all over the world!

Teen Wolf is a fandom that spreads from all corners of the world- A creative, loyal, and passionate group. It’s amazing that a fan base so worldwide could grow from an MTV show!

So what’s a better way to kick off start of season 3A, than with a huge, worldwide project? Nothing, that’s what!

This is FLAT TEEN WOLF, a project created to show just how vast out show’s fandom is! It’s based off the Flat Stanley Project- something schoolchildren use to learn about other countries and cities. It’s very simple!

See the little cute buggers above? Print them, cut them out, decorate to your hearts content, and then take them all over your home city! Maybe you have a beautiful forest, or a large Museum? Do you live in a famous city, like Melbourne, or Beijing? How about a university? Anything and everything you want to show off, we want to see!

When you’ve taken your pictures, feel free to send them over to The Flat Teen Wolf Project! Or, make your own post, and link us so we can reblog it. Either way, make sure we see it haha.

Please visit The Flat Teen Wolf Project for more information. I can’t wait to see everyone’s works! Please spread the world!



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